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Are you a woman who is ready to deeply connect with your I.G.S (Inner Guidance System), and live the life you deserve?

The first steps to embodying the life of a Wildly Nourished Woman begins with looking at the areas of your life that bring you pleasure, and the areas you desire to improve.

This means slowing down just enough to hear your inner divine voice, so that you are making the best and most healthiest choices for YOU.

I created the Wildly Nourished Woman Podcast for women like you who are ready to get out analysis paralysis and cut the ‘perfectionist’ personality that may be ruining your growth so you are experiencing harmonizing relationships, vibrant health, and enjoy work that you are excited about everyday.

Join me for soul-filled insights and curated interviews with Wildly Nourished Women from all over the world who have learned to trust their body’s intuitive wisdom, set healthy boundaries, and are living their version of a delicious life.