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My life was all over the place. I was trying to do and be too much to everyone all the time. I learned to slow down, trust my intuition, and release parts of my life that were no longer working for me.

I am now expressing my version of femininity and womanhood in a way that feels more aligned with who I am and how I want to feel. I am in a healthy, supportive, and fun relationship. While I’m still full of ideas, I use them as a source of inspiration instead of trying to act on all of them.

I have more clarity and am more gentle with myself. I trust myself more. I got exactly what I needed working with Simone, even when I didn’t know I needed it and especially when I was resistant to what she was opening me up to.

Listen, if you’re not ready to do the work, don’t waste your time or hers. When you work with Simone, be ready!

Melissa Danielle

Health Coach, Kailua, Hawaii - United States

Being a healer myself, I had the desire to obtain support from another professional to aide my own journey. I was feeling quite emotional and out of sync with my lifestyle.

I knew I needed support from someone other than my circle of friends to trigger the transformative shift that would be required to move me to the next level of my wellness. In talking with Simone, I didn’t just feel like her client, I felt connected to her like a sister. She provided a sacred space of compassion and sincerity. She is the sister-coach that every woman wishes for.

Simone offered me an invaluable lesson in setting boundaries, and that helped me to promptly make vital changes in my life, including the people I surround myself with! Through her guidance I was able to address a particular situation in my life that was holding me back and began to communicate what works for ME as opposed to accommodating others in order to make things work for them at my emotional expense. I now prioritize my emotional wellness first and because of that, I feel so liberated!

April Lewis

Creative Artist & CEO - New York, USA

I noticed that the [21-Day Wellness] program helped me become more open minded– to look at my resistance to exercise in a new way. My AHA moment was when I realized my resistance was related to the dissatisfaction I was experiencing due to my feelings of isolation as a soloprenuer. I wasn’t at all conscious about the connection until Simone asked questions that allowed me to go deeper. Once I realized the real block, I was able to take new & direct steps that were practical to address it.

Olivia Lane

Green Living Educator & Health Blogger - New York, USA

I am a very private person so for me to share certain issues regarding my emotional and feminine health, it had to only be with someone who was confidential, competent and compassionate.

I found all of that in Simone Turner and without a doubt she has the right balance of a firm understanding with gentle guidance and coaching. In less than 20 minutes she lead me to opening up and helping me come to some realizations about my habits and communication with my spouse that were immediately effective.

She is a huge source of wisdom and inspiration, plus she’s hilarious to top it off and make you feel even more connected to her. Thank you so much Simone!

Majeedah Neale

Holistic Nutrition & Women's Health Coach - Brandywine, Maryland, USA

Initially, I hesitated because I’ve never done a 21 day program before and I wasn’t sure if I had the time to dedicate to really making the content work for me.

Once I began the program, within a few days I noticed that I really needed to devote more time to self care and eating healthier. Prior to the program, I was tired, cranky, and stressed. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to relax, go with the flow and follow the program that I was able to begin the path to wellness. As a result, I feel much happier and my outlook has changed.

The changes were gradual. Each day, I noticed I was making better food choices, carving out time for my needs, and becoming educated in areas that needed more attention so I’d make a plan to work on those areas over the next few days. My husband said he noticed I was happier, positive, and getting back to my old self – the woman he married. In my career, I left a toxic work environment and I’m now more aware that that situation wasn’t in line with my values and needs for my family. I now have clarity I didn’t have before and I’m determined to do work that is meaningful and enjoyable. As far as my health I dropped 3 pounds and I’m drinking lots more water and teas to stay hydrated and feel good. I gave up an Oreo habit that was hard to break and I’m now aware of how my emotions are connected to my food choices. Through the program I learned it’s not just about what you’re eating, it’s about what’s eating you.

What I loved the best about the wellness program was the ability to be in a community of like-minded people who are seeking to improve and enhance their lives in healthy ways. I also really enjoyed the group conference calls as I was able to hear others’ stories, be encouraged, learn by their example and be inspired by their transformations.

My biggest aha moment was that self care is a necessity. I have always been the type to do for others and put myself on the back burner. In a call with Simone she artfully illustrated that if I were on a plane and there was an emergency, I’d be instructed to put the oxygen mask on myself first and then put one on my child. It is the same in my life. I need to give myself the room to breathe first and then and only then can I give to others. Just that conversation alone made it worth the price of admission to the program. After that, I committed myself to working the program and immersing myself in the journey and seeing where it would take me.

I would highly recommend this course to others because we all can use improvement in some area of our life. Health is wealth! It is the foundation for everything else in our lives and if we are not feeling healthy, then we don’t have the ability to be what we need to be in our daily lives – Moms, caregivers, friends, sisters, wives, etc.

C. Alexandra Little

Communications Professional - Long Island, New York, USA

I connected with Simone through Facebook. We were both attending an online webinar on detoxing that was advertised on Facebook and started communicating via Instant Messaging.

I found out one of Simone’s field of expertise was in supporting women who suffer with womb health challenges such as fibroids. As a sufferer of endometriosis I was ecstatic to find a coach that could provide suggestions for health and the support women need when dealing with these things. There needs to be support and empowerment of women that have to deal with the pain and heartache of these issues and unfortunately most women aren’t finding it in their doctor/OB-GYN offices.

Simone is passionate about her work, a true advocate for women’s health. Every time I talk with her I feel empowered, whether the conversation is about health, relationships, or business. Simone’s laser coaching skills empowered me to take action in my life, to take care of myself, to make my health and wellness a priority, and to go after my goals. I am so blessed that Simone is a part of my life. I highly recommend her – because she is a genuine and caring person. Besides that, her enthusiasm and humor are infectious, and because you will see results by having her on your wellness care team.

Rachel Payetta

Professional Writer - San Diego, California, USA

Simone has the uncanny ability to ask the necessary and often difficult questions that lead to deep breakthroughs. I had so many ah-ha’s during our session. I gained great clarity about how I want to design my business around my lifestyle so that it aligns with my most prioritizing goal, which is to spend more time with my daughter and husband.

Simone’s gentle guidance helped me to explore my limiting beliefs and reframe my fears in a way that I was not able to effectively do on my own to bring about the transformation I was seeking. For that I will be eternally grateful for making this investment with her.

Cathyann Ellison

Fertility Health Coach & Author - Toccoa, Georgia, USA

While working with Simone I was able to listen to what my body was telling me with a more heightened sense of awareness. I begin taking more notice my emotional state when reaching for food that was not as healthy for me. As a result making this shift, I was able to naturally increase foods that gave me better energy, became even more productive and prioritized my self care.

I also was able to create more time to exercise and write – something I found was a challenge for me to do prior to working with Simone. Her guidance supported me with taking small doable steps that did feel restrictive or overwhelming.

I highly recommend more women make an investment in working with Simone because more moms, could really benefit from learning the connection of what their eating, how it’s making them feel and how their lifestyle choices may be keeping them stuck.

Crystal Hoyte-Miguel

Work-From-Home Mom, Writer & Author - Queens, New York, USA